Bachelors of Fine Art in Sequential Art
Savannah College of Art & Design


Live With Yourself (2020 – Present)
Line art & Illustration

  • Collaborating on Ringo-nominated Webtoon series ‘Live With Yourself
  • Originally created by Shen
  • Writing and pencils by David J. Catman
  • Two episodes produced each week

Freelance Artist (2010 – Present)
Artist (Freelance)

  • Design and deliver art according to client specifications
  • Working under fast-paced deadlines
  • Illustration, comics, character design
  • Producing prints on art-quality stock, packaging, and shipping to clients
  • Maintaining a business at conventions, selling prints, and interfacing with fans
  • Fulfilling and shipping web orders for prints, postcards, and other merchandise on a weekly basis

Dropout (2017 – 2019)
Illustrator, Colorist, Letterer

  • Artist and designer for Dropout original series ‘The Legend of Jared
  • Pioneering swipe-to-view comics on premier subscription platform free of advertisers and sponsors
  • Six full issues originally exclusive through Dropout, now available on Webtoon

Dorkly & Collegehumor (2012 -2018)
Illustrator, Colorist, Letterer, Writer

  • Collaborating with staff writers and editors to turn scripts into illustrations for articles and comics
  • Meeting varied and rapidly-changing deadlines
  • Delivering high resolution digital assets
  • Working with editors on requested changes and alterations
  • Writer and script doctor
  • Hundreds of completed comic strips reposted weekly on sites like Reddit and Imgur

Nerd Rage (2010 -2017)
Artist, Writer, Web & Social Media Management

  • Writing and drawing comics based on pop culture and current events
  • New comics ran on a weekly schedule
  • Over 300 comics drawn
  • Maintaining web site, blog, and social media accounts
  • Facebook page rapidly grew, celebrating 3000, 4000, and 5000 ‘likes’ in 2017
  • One of 10 comics republished weekly in Kotaku’s Sunday Comics
  • Regularly voted to the front pages of Reddit

Other Work & Experiences

  • Character designer and lead artist for pitches to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.
  • Character and asset design for animated Marvel tl;dr episodes Daredevil: Yellow and Runaways for Marvel Entertainment
  • Character and asset design for VR game Riley Short: Analog Boy/Spark Circuits.
  • Character designer for popular channel Can You Pet The Dog on Twitter and Steam
  • Logo, card design, and templates for Game Night Productions card game Shadowrift.
  • Cover art, writing, and pages for Boom Studio’s and Cartoon Network’s Regular Show
  • Shirt design in vector format for clients and print-on-demand services
  • Storyboard artist for USC graduate film.
  • Designed print-quality logos, illustrations, and shirt designs for businesses, websites, and organizations all across the country.

Additional Skills

  • Illustrating and coloring in Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrating and coloring  in Clip Studio Paint
  • Comics lettering, logo work, and graphic design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Optimizing color space and utilizing ICC profiles for work in print or digital distribution